The Melbourne Cup

For those of you who dream of actually winning the Cup (the gambling option), there are plenty of horse riding courses to get you started. You may be a hesitant beginner, struggling to climb onto the horse and becoming frustrated when it won’t walk in the right direction, but you may discover you’ve got a hidden talent! Perhaps you’re even at a horse whisperer level and can consider taking a jockey course! Who knows, after a few laps around the park, you might discover you’re the next Damien Oliver!

A good day out at the Cup always involves some great food and  some great drink. It involves throwing some kind of celebration with a little bit of catering for the event!

Or you may want to got out to some venue and watch the Cup whilst being all glammed up, wining and dining with the gambling masses.

But for most of us, the world still goes on and work is well work… we still have to go. Well lucky for you there are big Screen option in Circular Quay, Sydney (brought to you by Exclusive Media Global) where you can just pop out for half an hour and still experience a great day without even being missed by the boss…

The people above did that and had a great experience.